CO Beet Early Wonder Tall Top

CO Beet Early Wonder Tall Top


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The best all-around variety. Ideal for nutritious, flavorful and tender beet greens, plants also produce dark red beets for pickling, salads or cooking. Harvest in 50-60 days.

Plant In May – June Sunlight Full Sun
Plant seeds  4″ apart 1/2″ depth Germinate 10-12 days
Row Spacing 12″ apart Plant Height 8″
Harvest Approx. 50-60 days


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Latin Name: Renee's Chard


Sow Seeds in early Spring in light, fertile, well-drained soil. Plant 1 seed every 2 inches. After seedlings emerge, thin to 4″ apart, pinching off extra seedlings, at the surface. Harvest when beets are sized up and enjoy both roots and green tops.


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