CO Bell Pepper Coral Bell

CO Bell Pepper Coral Bell


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Beautiful big bell peppers that color up from green to bright orange at maturity. Delicious fresh from the garden, sautéed or roasted. Harvest approx. 75 days from transplants. Packet plants 40 ft.

Plant In March – May Sunlight Full Sun
Plant seeds  2′ apart, 1/4″ depth Germinate 10-12 days
Row Spacing 2-3′ apart Pant Height 2-3′
Harvest Approx. 75 days


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Latin Name: Renee's Chard


Start seeds indoors 6 weeks before last spring frost. Sow 1/4″ deep and 2″ apart in seed starting mix and keep warm 27C. When seedlings have several sets of leaves, transplant into individual containers. When night temps stay above 10C acclimate seedlings to outdoor conditions before transplanting 18-24″ apart into fertile, well-drained soil in full sun. Mulch and fertilize monthly. Full-sized peppers can be picked green, but are much sweeter and nutritious if left to mature to orange.


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