RE Container Snap Peas Little Crunch

RE Container Snap Peas Little Crunch


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Little Crunch is a delicious new snap pea developed especially for growing in containers. These versatile and ornamental 24-30 inch vines grow quickly and reward you with lots of larger crunchy-sweet pods that are great for fresh eating and fast stirfries. Train the little vines up short supports and they’re even easier to pick. Great for growing with kids who love to eat them snapped fresh off the vine.

Plant In March – May

July – August

Sunlight Full Sun
Plant seeds  1″(Pots)/ 3″(Beds)  apart 1″ depth Germinate 7-10 days
Harvest Approx. 58-60 days


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Latin Name: Renee's sugar snap peas


Harvest only when peas are mature and rounded in the thick-walled, juicy pods for the best developed flavor. Savor their sweet crunch fresh (kids especially love them!) as a snack or slice into salads. To cook quickly, pull strings from pods and sauté in a little oil just until pods turn a deeper green color.


Plant in pots at least 15-18 in. in diameter and 12 in. deep. Sow 1 in. apart, 1 in. deep. When seedlings are 2-3 in., thin to 3 in. apart, so each little vine has growing room. Provide 2-3 ft. tall supports or a short trellis at planting time. Mulch to conserve moisture. Feed with all-purpose fertilizer every 2-3 weeks. If it gets hot, check and water containers daily; otherwise, water when the top inch of soil is dry. Water at base of the plants to avoid mildew.


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