CO Thyme (Cornucopia brand)

CO Thyme (Cornucopia brand)


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A kitchen garden essential, this hardy plant’s leaves are prized for aroma and flavor. Indispensable herb for poultry, vegetables, meats.  Try a few stems on your barbecue for added flavor.  Grows year-round.

Plant In  Feb. – June Sunlight Full Sun
Plant seeds 6″ apart, 1/8″ depth Germinate 14-21 days
Harvest Time All season Plant Height 8-12″


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Latin Name: Renee's Chard


Sow directly in well drained garden soil in late spring after night temps are above 10C. Seeds can be started indoors 6-7 weeks before planting out, transplanting when 2″ tall. Scatter tiny seeds thinly, cover with fine soil  and keep evenly moist. Transplant or thin so clusters of 3-5 seedlings are 6″ apart and plants will form mounds. When plants are well-established, cut sprigs of leaves.


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