Early Bicolor Corn – Bon Jour

Early Bicolor Corn – Bon Jour


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Bon Jour is productive and early bearing variety, yielding luscious ears of rich tasting creamy-white and golden-yellow kernels a week before many other varieties. This vigorous new hybrid has 6 to 7 foot stalks with top quality, well filled ears, each with 14 to 16 rows of juicy kernels. Best of all, ears stay sweet and tender for an extended harvest when you don’t want to pick them all at once. Once picked, they hold their sweet flavor for a week.

Plant In April – June Sunlight Full Sun
Plant seeds 4-6″apart 1″ depth Germinate 7-10 days
Harvest Approx. 70 days Seed count Approx. 70-75


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Latin Name: Renee's bicolor corn bon jour


There is no need to isolate Bon Jour from other varieties, but plant seeds in blocks of at least 4 parallel rows to ensure good wind pollination and well filled out ears. Corn is a heavy feeder, so add plenty of compost or aged manure to the soil at sowing time, and then fertilize when young plants are 7 to 8 inches tall and again as ears begin to form.


Well filled out ears of corn are ready to eat when the silks are very dark brown and dried out. Test by choosing a plump ear and peeling back the husk very slightly. The kernels should be tender and milky when slit with a fingernail. Bon Jour is a SE corn, so the tender crisp kernels will hold their sweetness after harvest.

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