Earth Apples Snow Finger

Earth Apples Snow Finger

Snow Finger is a delicious white-fleshed fingerling variety that produces high numbers of small to medium sized fingerling potatoes. This variety matures early and grows very well in containers – even small containers! The plant of Snow Finger provides beautiful accent greenery on a deck or patio as you wait for these little gems to mature. Now you can “have your plant…and eat its fruit too.”

EarthApples are sold in 1 kg boxes.

Plant In mid-May Harvest mid-August
Plant seeds 25 – 30 cm apart Maturity 75 – 85  days


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Latin Name: Earth Apples Snow Finger

Cooking Applications

Snow Finger has moderately dry matter content. It is fairly firm cooking and has a soft delicate taste. Use similarly as you would with other fingerling varieties. Snow Finger is excellent tasting and is great for grilling, roasting, potato salads, pan-frying and boiling.


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