RE Gourmet Cat Treats Mixed Greens

RE Gourmet Cat Treats Mixed Greens

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House cats (and pet rabbits and birds) naturally crave and enjoy eating greens. Planting our extra fancy blend of four organically grown grasses just for them will satisfy this need and deflect them from eating your houseplants. Our nutritious blend is tender, sweet and easy to digest, containing easily assimilated vitamins and enzymes that keep your pet healthy and beautiful. Fresh greens are a natural breath freshener and provide beneficial roughage that will aid your pet’s digestion and prevent hair balls.
Plant In Anytime Indoors Sunlight Full Sun or Part Shade
Plant seeds 1/4″ apart 1/2″depth Germinate 3-7 days
Harvest Approx. 10-14 days Seed count Approx. 600-650


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Our ample packet provides enough seed for 3 to 4 sowings. The grasses are ready for pets to nibble when the blades are at least a few inches tall, normally in about 10-14 days after sowing. If grasses get too tall and fall over, “mow” them down to 2 inches with a pair of scissors.

For a constant supply, try sowing one pot, then another pot a week later. Give your pet access to only one pot of grass at a time, and switch pots each week. When grass does not re-grow vigorously after cutting down and fertilizing, discard and start again with new seed and soil mix.


Most cats will recognize the grass as a treat right away. To encourage finicky eaters, place the pot beside the kitty’s food and spritz it with water. This usually does the trick and cats who newly discover this treat delight in it!

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