Heirloom Cucumbers – Lemon Cucumbers

Heirloom Cucumbers – Lemon Cucumbers


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An American favorite for over a hundred years, lemon cucumbers effortlessly produce loads of pastel yellow fruit just the color, size and shape of pale lemons. They have a mild, sweet flavor, crisp texture and non-bitter, thin skins. Cool and refreshing, very young Lemon cukes are delicious eaten right from the garden like a fresh crispy apple. You can also use them for crunchy pickles. Vigorous Lemon cucumber vines can easily be trained up a trellis or strings for easy harvesting.

Plant In May – June Sunlight Full Sun
Plant seeds 18″ apart 1/2″ depth Germinate 5-10 days
Harvest Approx. 60 days Seed count Approx. 35-40


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Latin Name: Renee's lemon cucumbers


Protect seedlings from marauding birds with plastic berry baskets, removing before plants get crowded. Shallow-rooted cucumbers need adequate and consistent moisture to produce sweet tasting, nicely formed cucumbers. Avoid overly wet or dry periods for good quality fruits.


For best quality, sweet tasting fruits, be sure to pick young lemon cucumbers when they are still pale green with just a hint of lemon color on their skins. Bright yellow fruits are pretty but overmature and they will have tough skins and seeds. Enjoy the freshly picked, lemon-shaped cucumbers still warm from the sun as snacks and in salads. These old-fashioned cucumbers also make fine tasting pickles, both sweet and dill.

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