Inch Plant

Tradescantia (zebrina or fluminensis)

Inch plants are a good option for a hanging pot or draping over a shelf. They prefer bright indirect light to keep their colours vibrant. If you notice the leaf colour starting to look “washed-out”, it may be receiving too much light. As long as the soil isn’t kept soaking wet or completely dry, Inch plants are usually happy with whatever water they are given. They prefer to be planted in well-draining soil, and watered when the soil is dry at least ½” deep. Inch Plants prefer to be watered from the bottom by submerging the pot in 2-3″ of water and removing when the soil on top is moist to the touch. These plants are easily propagated by cuttings. Fertilizing once per month with a thin layer of compost or diluted low-potency chemical fertilizer is advised during spring and summer.

LIGHTING Bright indirect light SIZE Medium to Large
SOIL Moist well draining soil FERTILIZING Spring/Summer
SOIL Moist well draining soil

*Rocks – can be added to the bottom of the pots to allow for extra drainage
*Sand – can be added to the soil mixture to allow for extra drainage
*Perlite – can be added to the soil mixture to incorporate more air into the soil
*Compost – a thin layer can be added on top of the soil for added nutrients and to retain moisture

Latin Name: Tradescantia (zebrina or fluminensis)