CO Onion Ruby Red

CO Onion Ruby Red


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These intermediate day red onions grow easily from seed and mature at midsummer in most areas. Large, globe shaped bulbs are pungent but sweet, with crispy firm texture. Ruby Red onions are good keepers for long storage over 5-6 months. Harvest in 100-110 days.

Plant In Indoors and Transplant Sunlight Full Sun
Plant seeds  4″ apart, 1/2″depth Germinate 10-14 days
Row Spacing 12″ apart Plant Height 10-12″
Harvest Approx. 100-110 days


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Latin Name: Renee's Chard


In cold winter areas, start indoors 8 weeks before last spring frost. Sow seeds 2″ apart into fertile, well-drained soil. Keep soil evenly moist but not soggy, then seedlings to 4″ apart. Keep plants very well weeded. When tops begin tuning yellow and fall over, dig up bulbs, then dry on top of soil for 7-10 days. remove tops and store in cool dry place.


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