RE Ornamental Sunflowers Royal Flush

RE Ornamental Sunflowers Royal Flush

Helianthus annuus

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A vibrant color combination includes bicolored sunflowers with mahogany petals that taper to golden tips and others with sunny yellow faces and gorgeous deep, dark-red flower faces. Carefree Royal Flush produces showy sunflowers early on strong branching stalks. Perfect for a dancing garden show and abundant summer bouquets. This beautiful blend comes from our favorite California sunflower breeder who specializes in varieties that both shine as cut flowers and offer great garden performance.
Plant In June Sunlight Full sun
Plant seeds 4-5″ apart 1/2″ depth Germinate 8 – 10 days
Mature Height 5-6 feet Seed count Approx. 35-40


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Latin Name: Renee's Sunflower Greystripe


These handsome branching flowers are easy and rewarding to grow. Make several sowings a few weeks apart to have a succession of flowers in full bloom. Keep soil moist and well-weeded. Protect very young seedlings from birds with netting or plastic berry baskets, removing before plants get crowded.

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