Rainbow Radishes – Easter Egg II

Rainbow Radishes – Easter Egg II


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This blend of vigorous radish seeds is a custom mixture in bright shades of cherry-red, white, plum purple and rose pink, all with crunchy mild white flesh and strong growing foliage. Easter Egg II’s crispy round roots are fast, simple and gratifying to grow and a signature crop of early spring. Enjoy their pretty colors and zesty crunch as savory quick snacks, eye-catching appetizers, or as bright garnishes for garden salads.

Plant In April – May Sunlight Full Sun
Plant seeds  1″apart 1/2″ depth Germinate 5-7 days
Harvest Approx. 28 days Seed count Approx. 375-390


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Latin Name: Renee's rainbow radishes


Sow this quick growing, cool season crop wherever you intend to plant heat lovers later. Radishes thrive and have crisp flesh and the best mild flavor given consistent moisture. Sow small amounts a week apart to mature before or after summer heat. Thin quick-growing seedlings early to 2 inches apart so roots have room to size up. Protect radishes with floating row covers if marauding birds or flea beetles that chew holes in the leaves are a problem.


Harvest radishes when roots are the size of large marbles. If weather turns unexpectedly hot, pull, cut off tops, and store in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks. Radishes will be spicier in hot weather and milder grown in cooler conditions. Combine sliced radishes, scallions and fresh dill or parsley for a great salad. Make delicious open faced sandwiches on whole grain bread spread with sweet butter and topped with sliced radishes

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