RE Snacking Carrots Rotild

RE Snacking Carrots Rotild


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These carrots have a classic long, cylindrical shape with blunt ends. This widely adopted variety is reliable to grow with great flavor and crispy orange flesh.
Plant In March – June Sunlight Full Sun
Plant seeds 1/2″ apart 1/4″ depth Germinate 10-20 days
Harvest Approx. 70 days Seed count Approx. 1680


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Latin Name: Renee's Chantenay carrots


Carrots like well worked soil and need consistent moisture to grow well. If your soil tends to dry out, cover seedbed with floating row cover to help retain moisture during the germination period and water right through it. Keep carrots well watered and thinned. For a late season crop, sow again 3 months before first expected frost.


Let young carrots size up and color fully to orange before harvesting for best flavor. Sauté or steam just until tender crisp and serve with a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice, sweet butter and fresh dill; or try buttered and glazed with a little maple syrup or honey.

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