Kids at Kiwi

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Are you ready to get back into nature? This 8 week series of kid’s classes will provide a space for your child to learn all about the natural world and features crafts, experiments and learning opportunities. This summer’s theme is all about birds!

ADMISSION : $5 per child for one class, $40 per child for the entire 8 week series.
Limit of 15 seats!

For recommended ages 4-12. Parents/Guardians must remain on site for this 45min-1 hour class.
Wednesday Times: 10:30am, 2:30pm
Thursday Times: 10:30am, 2:30pm

SUMMER SCHEDULE : (subject to change with weather)
July 6th & 7th: Chickens
July 13th & 14th: Owls
July 20th & 21st: Kiwis
July 27th & 28th: Nests
August 3rd & 4th: Eggs
August 10th & 11th: Binoculars and Bird Watching
August 17th & 18th:Bird Feeder
August 24th & 25th: Bird House

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July 6th 10:30am, July 6th 2:30pm, July 7th 10:30am, July 7th 2:30pm, July 13th 10:30am, July 13th 2:30pm, July 14th 10:30am, July 14th 2:30pm, July 20th 10:30am, July 20th 2:30pm, July 21st 10:30am, July 21st 2:30pm, July 27th 10:30am, July 27th 2:30pm, July 28th 10:30am, July 28th 2:30pm, August 3rd 10:30am, August 3rd 2:30pm, August 4th 10:30am, August 4th 2:30pm, August 10th 10:30am, August 10th 2:30pm, August 11th 10:30am, August 11th 2:30pm, August 17th 10:30am, August 17th 2:30pm, August 18th 10:30am, August 18th 2:30pm, August 24th 10:30am, August 24th 2:30pm, August 25th 10:30am, August 25th 2:30pm, 8 week pass


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