Community Services

Growing Support for Our Community

It has always been important to Kiwi Nurseries Ltd. and Kiwi Landscaping (1983) Ltd. to give back to our community. Over the years, we have donated plants and labour to hundreds of sports groups, school groups, charities, local events, community initiatives and groups or families in need through Kiwi Donations. Today, we are happy to expand our community support initiatives to also include Kiwi Fundraising, Kiwi Programs, and Kiwi Contests. We believe in partnering with our neighbours to help make our community more beautiful!

Kiwi Donations

Donating our time, experience and products throughout the community!

Kiwi Fundraising

Partner with Kiwi to raise funds for your school, group or organization!

Kiwi Programs

Learn about our Plants for Seniors program and how you can participate!

Kiwi Contests

We want to reward our neighbours for their help in making our community beautiful!