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With over 40 years of knowledge in landscaping, gardening, growing practices and more, we are proud to share what we know. Check back here for our latest plant recommendations, growing tips, gardening advice and more.

The Herbal Tea Garden

The Herbal Tea Garden Did you know we can grow a surprisingly large number of plants commonly used in herbal teas, right here in our own backyards?! It's true. Some of them have to be grown as annuals, but some are also prairie hardy perennials, shrubs, and even trees. There are a number of great

Alberta’s Nurseries & Garden Centres

Supporting Family Owned & Local It's May! That means is time to hit the local garden centre for this year's gardening and landscaping projects!   Did you know that we have many amazing family-owned garden centres and nurseries all across Alberta! Most should be open this month and working hard to fill their centres with

Ultimate Guide to Fiddle Leaf Figs

All About Fiddle Leaf Figs Probably one of the most recognizable houseplants, the Fiddle Leaf Fig, or Ficus lyrata, has been growing in popularity in recent years. They are loved for their large bright green leaves that can vary in shape, but typically have a broad apex and narrow middle, resembling a fiddle. Their foliage

Kiwi Recipes

Some our favourite recipes for our favourite prairie hardy plants. Everything from garden produce to foraged finds to backyard food forest, if it grows in Alberta we have an edible or herbal recipe to share.

Garden to Kitchen : Beaked Hazelnuts

How to Harvest and Use Beaked Hazelnuts What are Beaked Hazelnuts? The beaked hazelnut, Corylus cornuta, is the only nut producing plant native to Alberta. It is a prairie hardy medium sized multi-stemmed deciduous shrub with an upright spreading growth habit. They can be found both in the wild or naturalized areas and in local

Garden to Kitchen : Mint

How to Grow, Harvest, and Use Mint What is Mint? We're probably all familiar with mint; it's one of the most common herbs used for its unique flavour and scent. Mint, or Mentha, is a part of the Lamiaceae family of flowering plants. Many of the plants in this family are also aromatic and include

Garden to Kitchen : Dandelions

How to Harvest and Use Dandelions What is a Dandelion?   That might seem like a silly question, since dandelions were probably the very first flower we could identify as children. Most of us were probably excited to see a field of yellow flowers and we would eagerly search for one that had already gone

Plant Problems

Let’s face it, as much as we love our plants sometimes we can run into problems. Whether it’s environmental, pests or disease, we have over 40 years of experience in identifying and managing plant problems. We’re here to help!

Is it Evergreen Sunscald?

What is Evergreen Sunscald? Sunscald can occur when the dry winter air combined with low soil moisture causes needles to dry out and become susceptible to damage from the sun. When the surface of the surrounding snow is smooth, it act's like a mirror intensifying the sun's rays upon the dry evergreen needles resulting in

Is it Fire Blight?

What is Fire Blight? Fire Blight is a contagious disease caused by the spreading of the pathogen Erwinia amylovore, a bacterium affecting certain species. Honeybees and other insects, birds, rain and wind can transmit the bacterium to susceptible plant tissue. Injured tissue is highly susceptible to infection, including punctures and tears caused by plant-sucking or biting insects.

Is it Black Knot?

What is Black Knot? Black Knot is a fungus (apiosporina morbosa) which is characterized by its black, tar-like lumpy growths affecting the Prunus family of plants. It is an airborne fungus which overwinters in the knots, then releases spores in the early spring of the infection’s second season, typically during rain. The spores are distributed

Kiwi History

Learn about the history of our family business, from our New Zealand farming roots to our continued growth as a grower and supplier of over 1,000 prairie hardy trees, shrubs and perennials to local Albertans.

Our Nursery Has a New Look

Muralist Brings New Zealand to Our Alberta Nursery If you've ever visited our nursery, you've probably noticed a few grey trailers around the property. Over the years we have converted these trailers to become our office building, staff facilities, and even our new washrooms, which have not been opened to the public yet. You may

The Shack Murals

The Shack The Shack, as we call it, was painted with New Zealand and our history in mind. Sharing Murray and Alison‘s beginnings in New Zealand has always been very important to us, so when Muralist Robert Murray asked us what we'd like to have painted on our trailers, the answer was easy. We combed

40 Years of Fun

Over the past 40 years, the Munro’s have experienced many of life’s ups and downs, put in thousands of working hours at the nursery, and have continued to prosper at the forefront of the Horticulture industry. Alison and Murray have had the opportunity to watch their business and their family grow side-by-side; both expanding as