Kiwi History

Learn about the history of our family business, from our New Zealand farming roots to our continued growth as a grower and supplier of over 1,000 prairie hardy trees, shrubs and perennials to local Albertans.

Our Nursery Has a New Look

Muralist Brings New Zealand to Our Alberta Nursery If you've ever visited our nursery, you've probably noticed a few grey trailers around the property. Over the years we have converted these trailers to become our office building, staff facilities, and even our new washrooms, which have not been opened to the public yet. You may [...]

The Shack Murals

The Shack The Shack, as we call it, was painted with New Zealand and our history in mind. Sharing Murray and Alison‘s beginnings in New Zealand has always been very important to us, so when Muralist Robert Murray asked us what we'd like to have painted on our trailers, the answer was easy. We combed [...]

40 Years of Fun

Over the past 40 years, the Munro’s have experienced many of life’s ups and downs, put in thousands of working hours at the nursery, and have continued to prosper at the forefront of the Horticulture industry. Alison and Murray have had the opportunity to watch their business and their family grow side-by-side; both expanding as […]

Grow with Kiwi

With over 40 years of knowledge in landscaping and growing practices we are proud to share what we know. Check back here for our plant recommendations, growing tips and more.

Start a Kitchen Garden

Growing Food Indoors There are several benefits to starting an indoor garden, especially in winter. Indoor gardens fill your home with the earthy scent of garden produce and offer fresh flavour and nutrient density at your fingertips when preparing meals. Another benefit to growing indoors, is the control you ultimately have over your garden's environment. [...]

Guide to Choosing Houseplants

How to Choose the Right Plant for Your Space Houseplants have become increasingly popular in recent years and for good reason. There are numerous benefits to keeping plants indoors. Houseplants have been shown to improve air quality, improve mood, and lower stress and anxiety. They can also brighten a space and make a home feel [...]

Fungus Gnats in Houseplants

What Are Fungus Gnats? Most houseplant lovers would probably agree that fungus gnats are the bane of their existence. Those tiny pests seem to find their way into every home to take up residence in their beloved plants and they are nearly impossible to keep out. At some point or another, every plant parent will [...]

Kiwi Recipes

Some our favourite recipes for our favourite prairie hardy plants. Everything from garden produce to foraged finds to backyard food forest, if it grows in Alberta we have an edible or herbal recipe to share.

Garden to Kitchen : Aloe Vera

Harvesting and Using Aloe Vera What Makes Aloe Vera so Great?   Aloe vera has been used for more than 6000 years for its wide range of benefits to our internal health and its repairative properties to our skin and hair. Aloe vera contains many vitamins, minerals and micronutrients, such as vitamins A, B1, B2, [...]

Garden to Kitchen : Evergreens

Evergreens as a Herbal What is an Evergreen?   An evergreen refers to a plant whose foliage remains green throughout the winter and remains functional for more than one growing season. By contrast, a deciduous plant will lose its foliage every winter, to be replaced by new leaves in the spring. There are two categories [...]

Garden to Kitchen : Rose Hips

How to Harvest and Use Rose Hips What is a Rose Hip? A rose hip is the fruit of a rose plant. It is the round portion of a rose flower just below the petals, which remains after the bloom has faded and petals have fallen away. They are typically red to orange in colour [...]