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With over 40 years of knowledge in landscaping, gardening, growing practices and more, we are proud to share what we know. Check back here for our latest plant recommendations, growing tips, gardening advice and more.

8 Garden Design Tips

Design Tips to Landscape Like a Pro Whether you are looking to improve an existing garden or starting a new landscaping project from scratch, chances are you've walked into a garden centre, looked around at the numerous possibilities and realized you're not quite sure where to start. Or maybe you've tried a few plants that [...]

How to Build a Straw Bale Vegetable Garden

Why Build a Straw Bale Garden It may be a bit untraditional, but there are some big benefits to growing vegetables in straw bales. Straw bale gardens are easy to start wherever you have full sun exposure, no digging required. They are temporary and easy to move, or even remove completely if needed; a great [...]

No-Dig Soil Building

How to Build Sustainably Healthy Garden Soil What is No-Dig Soil Building   In short, it is the practice of creating sustainably healthy soil by building up rather than digging down. The "no-dig gardening" approach was pioneered in 1977, by Australian gardener and author Esther Dean. Since her book "No-Dig Gardening and the Leaves of [...]

Kiwi Recipes

Some our favourite recipes for our favourite prairie hardy plants. Everything from garden produce to foraged finds to backyard food forest, if it grows in Alberta we have an edible or herbal recipe to share.

Garden to Kitchen : Spruce Tips

How to Harvest and Use Spruce Tips What are Spruce Tips?   In the early spring, as evergreens wake from dormancy and begin to actively grow again, new growth will appear at the ends of branches. This new growth, referred to as Spruce tips or sometimes Spruce buds, will first appear emerging from a light [...]

Garden to Kitchen : Edible Flowers

30 Edible Flowers that will Grow in Alberta When we think of flowers we typically don't think food, but a number of flowers are completely edible and many have some pretty interesting flavours. Edible flowers are best picked in the early morning when they have their highest water content. They can be kept on a [...]

Garden to Kitchen : Lavender

How to Harvest and Use Lavender Buds What is Lavender?   Lavender is a flowering herb in the mint family, easily identifiable by its sweet floral scent. It has long upright floral spikes with whorls of tiny flowers and a compact shrub-like form with silvery green foliage. While most lavender have flowers that are lavender [...]

Plant Problems

Let’s face it, as much as we love our plants sometimes we can run into problems. Whether it’s environmental, pests or disease, we have over 40 years of experience in identifying and managing plant problems. We’re here to help!

Common Vegetable Pests of Alberta

What the Heck is it? There's nothing more frustrating than investing all your time and hard work into a vegetable garden only to have it decimated by harmful insects. There are many strategies gardeners can use to help deter and manage damage from such pests, but the first step is identifying what the heck is [...]

Garden Slugs

What Are Slugs? The simple answer is "a snail without a shell". However, the more scientific but sci-fi sounding answer is "any visibly shell-less terrestrial gastropod mollusc". There are over 50,000 species of Mollusca all over the world, many of which are aquatic species, but Albertan gardeners are most acquainted with the Grey Garden Slug. [...]

Mealybugs in Houseplants

What Are Mealybugs? Mealybugs are a particularly resilient plant pest often found in warmer moist environments, such as greenhouses, and can often be hard to detect until the colony reaches a larger infestation. This often leads to mealybugs hitching a ride home on indoor houseplants, many times unbeknownst to both the grower and the buyer. [...]

Kiwi History

Learn about the history of our family business, from our New Zealand farming roots to our continued growth as a grower and supplier of over 1,000 prairie hardy trees, shrubs and perennials to local Albertans.

Our Nursery Has a New Look

Muralist Brings New Zealand to Our Alberta Nursery If you've ever visited our nursery, you've probably noticed a few grey trailers around the property. Over the years we have converted these trailers to become our office building, staff facilities, and even our new washrooms, which have not been opened to the public yet. You may [...]

The Shack Murals

The Shack The Shack, as we call it, was painted with New Zealand and our history in mind. Sharing Murray and Alison‘s beginnings in New Zealand has always been very important to us, so when Muralist Robert Murray asked us what we'd like to have painted on our trailers, the answer was easy. We combed [...]

40 Years of Fun

Over the past 40 years, the Munro’s have experienced many of life’s ups and downs, put in thousands of working hours at the nursery, and have continued to prosper at the forefront of the Horticulture industry. Alison and Murray have had the opportunity to watch their business and their family grow side-by-side; both expanding as […]