An Immigration Story

Shortly before Murray and Alison married in 1975, Father Kaufmann (from the seminary farm where Murray had worked in Canada several years prior) was staying in Invercargill buying bull semen for his farm, so Murray and Alison went to visit him at his hotel. They both wanted to travel, so Murray asked him if there […]

A Couple of Kiwis

After graduating from Massey University in 1973, Alison applied for Food Technology jobs in the South Island of New Zealand as she wanted to see more of her country. She chose to accept a position in Alliance Freezing Works and was the highest paid graduate from her class. At the same time, Murray had just […]

Alison Munro

Alison was born in 1952 in the small farming community of Huinga, New Zealand. She grew up on a 1290 acre sheep farm and was the 3rd of 6 children. They had a very small homestead; so small in fact, she shared a room with her two older siblings. There wasn’t enough room for 3 […]

Murray Munro

Murray was born in 1950 in Invercargill, New Zealand and grew up on a sheep farm in the surrounding area. As the 3rd of 6 children, he spent much of his childhood doing farm chores. One of these chores included picking up sticks from the land, which was once bush land. He would get paid […]