Aurora Haskap Berry Honeyberry

Lonicera caerulea kamtschatica 'Aurora'

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A dense rounded form with an upright habit of growth. Has a high production of berries that are among some of the sweetest of the Haskaps. One Aurora pollinates multiple Borealis, Tundra, and Indigo Haskap berries. Yellow flowers bloom in early spring followed by blue berries that ripen late spring to early summer. Edible qualities such as fresh eating, baking and canning.

TYPE Deciduous Shrub SUN Full Sun
HEIGHT 10 ft SOIL Moist Well Drained
SPREAD 4 ft FLOWER Spring, Yellow
ZONE 2 FRUIT Edible Fruit
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Latin Name: Lonicera caerulea kamtschatica 'Aurora'


Medium size shrub

Growth Rate:

Medium growth rate

Fall Colour:

Yellow fall colour


Requires a second pollinator


Attracts birds


Used as a hedge or in a mass planting


Plant in a full sun location


Requires average to moist conditions, but should not be allowed to dry out


Consider applying a thick mulch around root zone to insulate in exposed or cooler locations

Pollution Tolerance:

Highly tolerant of urban pollution


Occasional maintenance


Best pruned in late winter or early spring once the threat of extreme cold has passed

Edible/Medicinal Uses:

Can be used for fresh eating, jams/jellies, dried or juice. Fruit is small in size and blue in colour. Berries have a sweet/tangy taste. Must be cross pollinated with a Tundra, Borealis, Indigo, Honeybee, Berry Blue, Blue Belle or Cinderella variety.


DISCLAIMER: The information presented here regarding edible/herbal/medicinal uses is for informational purposes only. Always consult a physician or other qualified health professional prior to ingesting any plant not sold expressly for its edibility

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