Prayer Plant

Maranta leuconeura

Also known as Herringbone Plant or Maranta, Prayer Plants are a good option for a hanging pot or draping over a shelf. They are known for their 24-hour activity; stretching their leaves out to chase the sun in the daylight, and slowly bowing inwards like hands at prayer during the night. Prayer Plants prefer morning sun or bright indirect sunlight and thrive in moist, well-draining soil. Regular misting is recommended to prevent pest infestation and keep the edges of the leaves from browning. Fertilizing once a month with a thin layer of compost or diluted low-potency chemical fertilizer is advised during spring and summer. Allow the first few inches of soil to slightly dry before watering thoroughly; do not let the soil dry out completely.

FLOWERING Insignificant TOXIC Non-Toxic
LIGHTING Bright indirect light SIZE Medium
SOIL Moist well draining soil FERTILIZING Spring/Summer
SOIL Moist well draining soil

*Rocks – can be added to the bottom of the pots to allow for extra drainage
*Sand – can be added to the soil mixture to allow for extra drainage
*Perlite – can be added to the soil mixture to incorporate more air into the soil
*Compost – a thin layer can be added on top of the soil for added nutrients and to retain moisture

Latin Name: Maranta leuconeura