REN Container Kale Green Curls

REN Container Kale Green Curls

Brassica oleracea

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This outstanding new kale is bred for great nutty flavor, tender texture and compact size. Green Curls tops out at about 15 inches tall, so it shines in pots and containers, a true “ornamental edible” for any size garden. The tightly ruffled, pretty deep blue-green leaves have nearly stemless stalks and plants size up early for multiple harvests of fresh leaves. Flavor is excellent; mild and nutty, perfect for vitamin rich fresh salads or enjoy simply braised, sautéed or steamed.
Plant In Feb-May


Sunlight Full Sun
Plant seeds Depth: 1/2 inch

Space: 6 inches

Germinate 7-10 days
Days to Harvest Approx. 50 Seed Count 65


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Latin Name: Renee's Container Kale


Kale tastes best in cool weather and frost actually enhances color, flavor and sweetness. Plant in early spring and again in late summer/early fall.



Begin harvesting outer leaves when plants have at least 6 leaves. Vitamin and antioxidant rich kale is tender and delicious in fresh salads, especially with sliced fruit and/or nuts. Use in smoothies, soups, stews and sautés; or braise with garlic and olive oil. Pull and discard when plants begin to bloom as leaves of flowering stalks get tough and bitter.

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