REN French Gold Pole Beans

REN French Gold Pole Beans


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Golden-yellow long, slim juicy French filet pole beans with fine sweet flavor. Sunny pods stand out from green vines for easy harvesting. Great garden performance and yield over a long season.

Plant In May-June Sunlight Full sun
Plant seeds Depth: 1 inch

Space: 4 inches apart

Germinate 7-10 days
Days to harvest Approx. 60 Seed count Approx. 64


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Latin Name: Renee's Pole Filet Beans


Beans are an easy and reliable crop, but don’t plant seeds too early; cold conditions prevent good germination. If first sowing comes up unevenly, replant right away; new seedlings will catch up quickly. Birds are attracted to young seedlings; watch carefully and protect with netting if necessary. Avoid harvesting beans in wet conditions.



For the best yields, pick beans frequently, at least every 2 or 3 days. Filet beans are meant to be eaten when pods are slender, so harvest early, when still pencil-thin. These gourmet beans taste best freshly picked and quickly steamed or sautéed. For a beautiful and delicious. salad, blanch beans and toss them with an herbed vinaigrette, then combine with greens and Italian parsley.

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