REN Summer Scallop Trio Bush Squash

REN Summer Scallop Trio Bush Squash


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Buttercup-yellow fluted “Sunburst” is tender and nutty tasting simply steamed or poached in broth. Dark green, glossy little “Starship” has zucchini color and flavor in a unique flying saucer shape. Pretty apple-green “Peter Pan” scallops are creamy and sweet fleshed – a treat to sauté or slice and grill.
Plant In May – June Sunlight Full Sun
Plant seeds Rows: 1 1/2 feet apart
Hills: 4 inches apart
Germinate 7-10 days
Harvest Approx. 50 days Seed count Approx. 20-25


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Latin Name: Renee's tricolor pattypan squash


Harvest scallops when no more than 2 to 3 inches across for best flavor and tenderness. Frequent harvesting keeps plants producing tasty new squashes instead of maturing large, tough and pithy ones. Steam or stir fry the little pattypans and sprinkle with chopped fresh herbs like chives, basil, finely snipped dill or lemon basil. Cook and toss all 3 jewel-toned squashes with freshly ground pepper, butter and grated Parmesan.



Amend soil well before sowing with lots of aged manure or compost. Protect young seedlings from marauding birds by covering with green plastic berry baskets at planting time, removing when plants get crowded. Be sure to thin properly — you will have more productive, disease-free plants if seedlings have enough room to mature.

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