Companion Planting 101


How to Get the Most Out of Your Garden

What is Companion Planting?


Companion planting is a strategy to maximize a garden’s production potential by intentionally planting mutually beneficial plant species in proximity of each other… or some cases keeping certain species farther apart. All plants have natural characteristics unique to them and, over time, a history of gardeners have come to realize that certain plants do really well together, while others don’t.


For example, some plants tend to repel certain pests, while others may attract beneficial insects. Some plants may provide natural trellising for nearby climbing plants, while others may provide natural shade for plants that tend to bolt in hot weather. Some ground covering plants can help provide a natural weed suppression, while other plants can help replace deficiencies in the soil. And, some plant pairings are believed to improve the flavour of certain crops.


A well planned garden using companion planting strategies can increase your crops’ yields, while simultaneously decreasing your need to use extra fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides in your garden. Please check out our printable pdf for our Companion Planting Reference Guide to help get you started on this year’s garden planning.


Our Printable PDF :

Companion Planting Guide


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