CO Johnny-Jump-Up Violas

CO Johnny-Jump-Up Violas


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These miniature pansy-like flowers produce a showy display of yellow, purple and blue blossoms every spring. Each blossom resembles a tiny smiling face. Reseeds freely.

Plant In Early-Mid spring Sunlight Full Sun
Plant seeds Depth: Barley cover

Space: 8-10 inches apart

Germinate 10-20 days
Bloom time Early summer Plant Height 6-10 inches


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Latin Name: Cornucopia Violas


For bloom the first year, sow seeds indoors 8 weeks before last spring frost or plant directly in the garden in early spring or late fall. Choose a site where plants get morning sun and afternoon shade. Grow in rich, well-drained soil spacing seeds 2-3 inches apart. Thin small seedlings to recommended spacing. Mulch to keep roots and soil cool.


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