CO Old Spice Mixed Sweet Peas

CO Old Spice Mixed Sweet Peas

Lathyrus odoratus

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A dependable, old-fashioned bloomer that produces solid and bicolor flowers in shades of red, purple, pink, rose and white. Extremely fragrant blossoms. Loves cool weather and needs to grow before summer’s heat.

Plant In Early spring, or early fall Sunlight Full Sun
Plant seeds Depth: 1 inch

Space: 4-6 inches apart

Germinate 14-28 days
Bloom time Mid-Late Spring

Mid Fall

Plant Height 5-7 Ft.


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Latin Name: Cornucopia Sweet Peas


Plant in rich, well drained soil in early spring in a sunny spot as soon as soil can be worked. Seeds can also be started indoors 4-5 weeks before planting outside. In mild winter climates, plant in fall for earliest spring bloom. Provide a trellis or support for vines to climb. Where summer heat comes on early, plant where vines will get some afternoon shade.


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