CO Rainbow Mixed Coleus

CO Rainbow Mixed Coleus

Coleus Blumeii

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Easy-to-grow. Colorful leaves are painted and splashed with a rainbow of colors in unique patterns. Foliage instantly adds shades of pink, red, yellow, and green to even the shadiest spot in the garden.

Plant In Anytime indoors

Late spring outdoors

Sunlight Light shade
Plant seeds Depth: Lightly cover

Space: 8-12 inches apart

Germinate 7-14 days
Bloom time early summer Plant Height 1 ft.


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Latin Name: Cornucopia Coleus


Best to start seeds indoors 4-5 weeks before last frost in a container of seed starting mix. Space seeds 1 inch apart. when seedlings have a few sets of true leaves, transplant into individual containers. As plants mature, pinch plants to encourage branching. coleus makes an easy-care houseplant. Plant outdoors in fertile, well-drained soil. Take cuttings from garden plants to grow indoors during winters.


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