CO Striped German Tomato

CO Striped German Tomato

Solanum lycopersicum

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Beautiful big beefsteak tomato with red-yellow stripes and juicy marbled flesh. Delicious, smooth texture and complex, sweet flavor. An all-time favorite bicolor.

Plant In Indoors: Feb-Mar

Outdoors: Late spring

Sunlight Full sun
Plant seeds Space: 3 ft. Germinate 8-12 days
Days to harvest 72-78


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Latin Name: Cornucopia Tomato


 Tomatoes are a warm season crop. Start seeds indoors in a container of seed starting mix 6 weeks before night temperatures regularly reach 10C. Keep moist but not soggy and very warm 24-27C.

When seedlings are 2 inches tall, transplant into larger individual containers. when weather is warm and night temperatures stay above 13C, plant outdoors in full sun in rich, fertile soil. Provide tall, sturdy cages or stakes at planting time. Water consistently. Pick when fruits are fully colored up and give slightly to the touch.


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