REN Round Baby Carrots Romeo

REN Round Baby Carrots Romeo


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These petite, ball-shaped beauties are extra-tasty morsels to enjoy in just a few bites with excellent sweet flavor and crunchy texture. Delicious little Round Romeos have smooth-skinned orange flesh that needs no peeling; it’s fun to eat them right in the garden. These baby gourmet carrots are perfect for containers because they don’t need deeply prepared soil like other carrot root crops. Romeo carrots are easy to grow and perform well for both spring and fall planting.
Plant In March – June

July – August

Sunlight Full Sun
Plant seeds 1/2″ apart 1/4″ depth Germinate 10-20 days
Harvest Approx. 60 days Seed count Approx. 1500


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Latin Name: Renee's round baby carrots


Thin carrots several times so seedlings are 2 inches apart and have room to size up for harvest. Keep well watered for best growth and flavor. For a late season crop, sow again 3 months before first expected frost.when plants are young. Mulch well to conserve soil moisture and suppress weed growth.


Harvest at about 1 to 1 1/2 inches in diameter for best flavor. Steam whole, then toss with butter and fresh chopped dill, parsley or chives. Or toss with butter, salt lightly and add a little brown sugar or maple syrup.

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