REN Antique Apple Green Bells of Ireland

REN Antique Apple Green Bells of Ireland

Moluccella laevis

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Bells of Ireland is an endearing old-fashioned favorite that has graced cottage gardens for generations. The tall candelabra-like spires are densely cloaked in apple-green shell-shaped bracts, each surrounding tiny white center florets. Their intricate soft form and warm green coloration is dramatic in the garden and strikingly beautiful to set off other flowers in bouquets. The long-blooming and graceful stems have a grassy, meadowsweet scent and are easy to air dry for year-round everlasting arrangements.

Plant In March-June Sunlight Full sun or light shade
Plant seeds Depth: 1/2 inch

Space: 2 inches apart

Germinate 10-20 days
Seed count 150-160


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Latin Name: Renee's Heirloom Bells of Ireland


Thin as directed for best performance. Cut flowers for fresh bouquets when the shell-like cups are open as far up the stem as possible but before the bottom ones turn brown. To air dry, cut once shells have opened all along stems, then hang bunches upside down indoors in a place with good air circulation.


In spring when all danger of frost is over, sow seeds 2 inches apart in a finely textured garden bed in full sun. Cover 1/2 inch deep and keep soil moist. Be patient; germination can be gradual over 10 to 20 days. Weed and water young seedlings carefully and thin before they get too crowded.

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