REN Bottles & Bowls Crafters Gourds

REN Bottles & Bowls Crafters Gourds

Lagenaria siceraria

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Here are the best large smooth gourds to grace the garden and carve into beautiful vessels and ornaments. Corsican’s flattened, round shape is perfect for decorated containers; Birdhouse’s hourglass form makes perfect garden homes for Purple Martins and other birds. Gourds grow effortlessly on beautiful long vines to trellis or let sprawl at garden edges.

Plant in March-May Light conditions Full sun
Planting Depth: 1 inch

Space: 4 inches apart

Days to Germinate 14-21 Days
Days to Harvest 120-150 Days Seed count 20-25


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Latin Name: Renee's Crafters Gourds


Gourds need full sun, very rich fertile soil and warm temperatures. For earliest and best yields, hand-pollinate gourds: break off a blooming male flower and dust pollen onto fresh female flowers (the ones with small fruits at the base). Repeat as new flowers appear. Pollinated fruits start growing larger within several days.



Gourds are mature when the tendril next to stem has turned brown and rinds are tough. Harvest with several inches of stem. Dry gourds in a well-ventilated place. Once fully cured, (which can take several months) gourds are light for their size and seeds will rattle inside. Molds often develop on the surface, but do no harm. Discard gourds that rot or are soft and wrinkled.

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