REN Cherries Jubilee Nasturtiums

REN Cherries Jubilee Nasturtiums

Tropaeolum majus

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These vibrant cherry-rose colored nasturtiums are a special treat in the garden. Cherries Jubilee’s soft, lipstick-colored flowers shade from light to deep rosy-red, a very unique hue for nasturtiums. These delicious blossoms glow in profusion above a sea of highly ornamental blue-green, lily-pad-shaped leaves. The free-flowering plants have a mounding habit, perfect to fill and soften garden beds or corners, cover bare spots, or cascade gracefully from your favorite patio pots or hanging baskets. Hummingbirds adore them.

Plant in April-June Light conditions Sun/part shade
Sow seeds Depth: 1 inch

Space: 3-4 inches

Days to germinate 9-12
Seed count 20-25


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Latin Name: Renee's Mounding Nasturtiums


These mounding nasturtiums are reliable and easy to tuck into any well-drained spot. They are a perfect disguise to cover fading bulb foliage in late spring. Their softly draping leaves and wonderfully colored flowers will quickly fill garden beds or containers. Leaves and flowers are tasty additions to salads and sandwiches.


Sow seeds in spring once all danger of frost is over in full sun (or part shade in hot climates). Nasturtiums need no added fertilizer in most soils. Poke seeds into well-worked soil about 1 inch deep and 3 to 4 inches apart. Press soil firmly over the seeds and keep moist. When seedlings are large enough to handle, thin to 10 inches apart so plants will have ample room to grow.

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