REN Pastel Duo Baby Turnips

REN Pastel Duo Baby Turnips

Brassica rapa

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Imported from Japan, these pretty globe-shaped baby turnips are a special gardener’s treat. We’ve combined seeds for pearly white and party pink little turnips, both with crispy white flesh and delicious mild, sweet flavor. No need to peel; just slice up to enjoy in salads or as crunchy snacks on their own. Or use quickly stir-fried. The tasty, nutritious tops make fine sautéed greens. Plant fast-growing baby turnips both in cool spring and fall weather.

Plant in March-May Light conditions Full sun
Sow seeds Depth: 1/2 inch

Space: 1 inch apart

Days to germinate 5-7
Days to harvest Approx. 30 Seed count Approx. 425


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Latin Name: Renee's Baby Turnips


Thin seedlings early to stand 3 inches apart, giving them room to size up. Provide consistent moisture. Sow small amounts a week apart for successive harvests until summer heat comes on. Protect with floating row covers if marauding birds or flea beetles that chew holes in the leaves are a problem. Be sure to sow again in late summer for productive harvests in cool fall weather.


Harvest these sweet baby turnips from when they are as big as walnuts to when they are the size of ping-pong balls. If weather turns unexpectedly hot, pull and store the roots in the refrigerator. Turnips will be spicier in hot weather.

These pearly-white and pretty pink baby turnips are delicious sliced raw into green salads, or you can steam or sauté them briefly, or toss in oil and roast whole to bring out their natural sugars. Enjoy the tasty, nutritious green tops steamed or quickly braised.

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