CO Squash Black Beauty

CO Squash Black Beauty


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A favorite every season, this dark green zucchini goes right from the garden to the table or grill. Great in baked goods, too. Bush-type plants save space. All-America Selections winner. Harvest 6-8 inch fruit in 58 days.

Plant In May-June Sunlight Full Sun
Plant seeds  2′ apart, 1″ depth Germinate 8-10 days
Row Spacing 4′ apart Plant Height 2′
Harvest Approx. 58-62 days


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Latin Name: Cornucopia Squash


Squash is a warm-season crop. Sow directly in the garden in late spring or early summer when night temps stay above 10C. Before planting, amend soil with compost and fertilizer. Sow in groups of 2-3 seeds every 2 feet. Thin to 1 strong seedling per group. For best flavor pick when 6-8″ long. Harvest often to keep plants producing through the season.


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