Transplanting Spruce Trees


What You Need to Know

Why Transplant a Spruce Tree


There is a saying that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, this is especially true for slow growing evergreens, like spruce trees. Sometimes when a tree has outgrown its space or would be preferred in another location, it is better to transplant than to cut down and plant new. It’s not uncommon for us to get several calls throughout the season on transplanting spruce trees in particular. Spruce trees are a common candidate for transplanting due to their slower growth rates and our short growing season.


Depending on the size of tree, transplanting a spruce tree can mean everything from the use of a skid steer for a younger tree to the use of one of our tree spade trucks for larger for established trees. For more on our tree spade fleet or to find out how to get an assessment or a quote, visit our Tree Moving Services page.

When to Transplant a Spruce Tree


Most trees do best to be transplanted in the early spring before they begin to bud. However, sometimes it can be difficult to catch that short window after the ground has thawed enough to easily dig but before the evergreens start to bud. The next best time to move spruce trees is in mid August to early September. Transplanting any later may not give the tree enough time to reestablish itself before the onset of winter, making them susceptible to winter injury. Transplanting any sooner can put unnecessary stress on the tree as it tries to acclimate during the dry summer heat.


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