Mr. F Carpet of Snow Alyssum

Mr. F Carpet of Snow Alyssum


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A very easy to grow compact plant. Ideal for rock gardens, containers, borders or as ground cover.
Plant In April – May Sunlight Full Sun
Plant seeds Depth: Lightly cover

Apart: 2 inches

Germinate 5-14 days
Bloom time July-October Seed Count 1250


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Latin Name: Mr. Fothergill's Alyssum


Sow seed 6-8 weeks before final spring frost. Prepare trays or pots with fine seed starting compost. Gently sprinkle seed on top of the mix and then cover lightly with the mix. Water gently so as not to disturb the seeds. Do not overwater. Cover and keep at about 15C. As seedlings grow, thin to larger pots. Harden off and transplant 1 week after last spring frost.


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